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January 10, 2019 From the World

African Wax : Let´s put some color in your life !

Let´s put some color in your life !

Very trendy on fashion shows for the past few months, wax fabric shines thanks to its thousands of psychedelic patterns

It brightens your first winter days and sublimes your summer outfits!

One32 highlights the African colors through this first bag collection.

Wax fabric is a 100% cotton fabric, printed in bright colors thanks to a wax printing process.

Wax is everywhere, but do we really know where the wax fabric is coming from?

Born in 1800, the “indonesian batik” inspired fabric was developed by dutch, initially made for Indonesians. Wax prints landed in the African Gold Coast, Ghana, where they became style and status symbols.

Indeed, wax fabric became a strong symbol of West Africa, marketed and popularized by the Mercedes-Benz driving female entrepreneurs, known as the Nana Benz.

In African culture, these patterns are a real language with meanings from everyday mood to political expression.

For its very first collection, One32 sublimes this ethnic touch with unlimited Wax variety.

Wax can be worn as individual pieces, stylish accessories or in total look. It’s up to you to choose according to your style and mood.

Mix and match the wax with delight ..

One32 offers a timeless colorful and graphic wax collection in limited and numbered editions made in Portugal.

Make up your Wax !